Common Home Lighting Mistakes

Tips & tricks on how to avoid them

Bulbs 101: Part 1

Lumens, Watts, Kelvins and Lighting Facts

Bulbs 101: Part 2


Bulbs 101: Part 3

How much lighting do I need?

Standard Metal Colors

Brass, Gunmetal and Polished Copper

Pop Colors vs. Neutral Colors

Ivory, Magenta, Neon Yellow and Navy

Shop This Look: Bohemian Dining

Straight from the feed of @lifeographer

Porcelain Plug-In Pendant Lights

Quartz, Aegean, Tangerine, White & Grey Dot

Shop This Look: Instagram Bedroom

straight from the feed of @adailysomething

Standard Plug-In Pendant Lights in Tweed

Warm, Neutral, Grey and Cool
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